Tree Top

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

Once, long ago,

in a far away land,

across the Great Desert,

and hot burning sands,

lived a boy who was sad,

as sad as could be,

for he lived in the top of an enormous,

tall tree.


You might say,

“This does not ring true!

What could cause such a boy to be blue?

To live at the top of the greatest of trees?

To enjoy all the sights that tree people see?

To be safe from the critters that crawl and that creep?

To look from above at the world down beneath?

What could be better than living like this?

Such a life would be filled with bliss!”

And what you say is undoubtedly right,

that is unless you’re afraid of heights!

Author: Michael L Huff

I am a former educator and pastor, now living in retirement as a homesteader, farmer, bee herder, Realtor® and writer.

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