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The challenge was to create a piece of writing from one or more of the following prompts. As usual, I chose to do all three. I hope you enjoy!

1. A dizzy diva diving
2. Golf balls by Lexus
3. Gambling-a-Bermuda

A ditsy, dizzy diva diving

Underneath the bed,

Looking for some place to hide

Her all-too-well-known head

O’ it wouldn’t do to be found

Playing cards here in The Hague


And strip poker with the page.

It had started oh so innocent,

A conversation with the Queen;

First one drink, then another,

Then another, ‘til she’d leaned

Just a wee bit too hard

Against the royal person’s side

Who promptly fell from off the balcony

Oh my! There went her alibi!

The cops were searching room by room

Her time was running out

And the page, God rest his sorry soul,

Had thought to give a shout

Now he rested on the carpet

Looking altogether dead

With “Golf Balls by Lexus”

Printed backwards on his head

Now the story ends abruptly here

Oh what a tragedy!

They locked the diva in the can

And threw away the key!

Author: Michael L Huff

I am a former educator and pastor, now living in retirement as a homesteader, farmer, bee herder, Realtor® and writer.

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