Huff Himself

Huff who? Huff Himself, as in, me, myself, and no one else—an international spy and man about town, dashing, debonair and devilishly handsome—these words describe James Bond, not me.  Describing me is not as easy as that.  One surgeon, the father of a childhood friend,  diagnosed the adolescent me as having a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth.  One of my earliest nicknames was “Motormouth Mike”.  I’d like to say that things changed as I matured, but early in my marriage my wife asked me which I loved best, talking or eating.  My reply?  Talking with my mouth full.  So, I do love to talk.  And to be honest with you, I am a terrible listener, which is all the more awkward as I am a pastor.  All I can say to that is God has a sense of humor and he is full of grace.

A more fair judgement would be that I love to communicate.  I love to read, to learn, and to share the things I’ve discovered with others.  That is why I am also a teacher.  I’ve taught in public and private school at all levels, including adults, for over 17 years.

I write fiction, mostly aimed at Young Adult and mostly Fantasy.  I also write commentary and sermons.  There’s a spattering of poetry and song here, as well as, short stories and novel fragments.  I suppose I am a dabbler—I dabble at one thing and another, but mastery little.  My hope here is that that will change.

I love to write and that has been true since I was six years old, when I would create stories on a Big Chief pad for anyone who would listen (my mother).  With several incomplete novels under my belt, I am a very prolific, unpublished author.  I’ve created this website to “publish” my writing and share it with anyone who will read it.  My mother has gone to the great beyond and is not available to read what I write.  I hope that others will stand in for her and truly enjoy, as she did, the fruit of my labor.

Though it has been a few years since I participated in NaNoWriMo, I am a past participant and multiple winner.  Two of these are still in my possession.  I will be brushing them off, editing and posting, at least portions, of these two novels here.  Another novel, Coward’s Crossing, the long-time monkey on my back, will also be serialized here, at least in part.

So, there should be no lack of things to read.  I hope they are entertaining.  I invite you to comment on any and all.  But, please, be honest, but don’t be brutal.  Civility is a dying art.  Let’s revive it here and practice, practice, practice!

Please, feel free to connect with me through the comment section that follows every piece, including this one, and leave any thoughts you’d like to share. Grab a cup of your favorite drink.  Settle in your favorite reading spot and enjoy! Oh, and thanks for reading.

~Happy Writing

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